WOD 1/9/19

Strength: Deadlift Max Day!! WOD: 9 Min AMRAP 15 KB Swings 10 Pull-ups 5 HSPU Post: 3 Rounds- 12 Good Mornings 12 Med Ball Ham Curls

WOD 1/8/19

Nutrition Challenge 2019 starts Monday, January 14! We will have an informational meeting on Saturday at 10 am in the Blue Court Grill. (If you cant make that, let me know and we can set up an appointment. Sign up link below:...

WOD 10/19/18

Skill: Cluster (Clean/thruster) WOD: CrossFit WOD 120208 5 RFT Run 600 Meters 15 Clusters (95/65) Post WOD: Spend 10-15 Minutes Stretching/Mobilizing

WOD 9/22/18

Join us Saturday at Razorback CrossFit at 8:30 AM for Mobility Class, and at 9:00 AM for a fun WOD. At Foxcroft, the WOD begins at 9:00 AM. Bring a friend and join us!

WOD 9/19/18

Strength: Front Squat: Find Your New Max!! WOD: 4 RFT 8 Power Cleans (135/95) 12 Deadlifts 16 Steps Single Armed OH Walking Lunge- 8 Steps with KB in Left Hand, 8 in Right Post WOD: 3 x 12 Barbell Rollouts